Антикоррупционный пикет Дадин вышел на свободу "Весна" в Южно-Сахалинске провела акцию "За возвращение прямых выборов мэра". Где же Ильдар Дадин? «Весна» рассказала на улицах Петербурга о пропаже Ильдара Дадина В Петербурге активисты продолжают напоминать про политзаключённого Ильдара Дадина Фейковый пикет Акция памяти «Бессмертный ГУЛАГ» прошла в пяти городах России В Петербурге второй раз прошла акция «Бессмертный ГУЛАГ» В «Весне» прошла лекция Веры Соколинской «Репрессированная память» Семинар по стратегии для регионов Движение Весна принято в Международную федерацию либеральной молодежи (IFLRY) «Весна» напомнила про депутата-расчёску «Весна» обсудила итоги работы и избрала новое руководство Иногородние студенты и аспиранты смогут проголосовать на выборах 18 сентября! За право голоса на выборах иногородним студентам и аспирантам Акция памяти погибших в Беслане Николай Артёменко идёт на выборы В Петербурге зарегистрирован первый действительно независимый кандидат в депутаты Законодательного Собрания Сбор подписей в округе № 1: графики и цифры



"Vesna" (rus. «Spring») – nongovernmental, nonpartisan youth democratic movement, founded in Saint-Petersburg in winter 2013. Activists of «Vesna» are former members of «Youth Yabloko» (youth organization defunct because of the conflict in the mother party) and different liberal youth movements of Saint-Petersburg. The Youth Democratic Movement "Vesna" are partial member of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY).


YDM «Vesna» International Officer


Nikolay Artemenko

E-mail: artemenko-ne@yandex.ru

Phone number: +7 961 804-12-50


Mission of movement




- Freedom is what we have inside. And we urge the government to ensure the freedom of every citizen.
- Freedom of expression: you can be what you want, and not test for that oppression from society.
- Political freedom: the right to criticize and offer - the right to elect and be elected.
- Economic freedom: the right to work and earn, to own property and not to be afraid of losing it.



- For us, all men are equal. No matter gender or nationality, or sexual orientation: everyone has equal rights. In this case, we are sure that tolerance must be mutual.
- We are ready for wide public coalition in the fight for freedom and justice, but in our organization xenophobia has no place.
- We demand a just order of society, equal opportunities for all citizens.
- We believe that the income of the city and the state must be spent primarily for the benefit of citizens: on education and healthcare, support of young families and young people, care for the disabled and pensioners.




- In Russia today, we oppose the government. But for us, this protest is not for the sake of protest, but in order to achieve the result. Criticizing we offer. - By criticizing we put forward our ideas. Ideas that are fundamentally thought through.
- We appreciate the image of government opponents. As an alternative to the regime, we care about their reputation. We are an adequate opposition.

Last English News
VESNA supported political prisoner Ildar Dadin
03 Апрель 2016 в 13:55 просмотров: 200 комментариев: 0

Ildar Dadin was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail by a Moscow court for repeated anti-government street protests. He is the first person to be jailed using the law, which was introduced in 2014 and punishes repeated breaches of public assembly rules.

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Ramzan, Don't Go!
03 Апрель 2016 в 13:31 просмотров: 196 комментариев: 0

In March 2016 Ramzan Kadyrov's five-year term as a head of Chechnya came to an end.

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Happy Birthday, VESNA!
03 Апрель 2016 в 13:00 просмотров: 197 комментариев: 0

Three years ago, we got together and decided that it is necessary to unite our efforts, skills, interests and create socio-political youth movement VESNA. 

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VESNA Strategic Planning Session in Petersburg 2016
03 Апрель 2016 в 03:07 просмотров: 198 комментариев: 0

Annual VESNA Strategic Planning Session in Petersburg.

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